SirenAI Launches a New Era in Adult Entertainment

New Game-Changing AI Platform Debuts at AVN

Allows Fans To Be Co-Stars with Their Favorite Adult Entertainment Performers in Deeply Intimate, Personalized Interactions

NEW YORK — January 26, 2024 — SirenAI, the first-of-its-kind AI companion platform, announced today the release of its cutting-edge offering at the FabScout Booth (#243) at the AVN Expo in Las Vegas. The new platform is poised to revolutionize the world of adult entertainment by harnessing the power of AI to fundamentally transform the ways fans interact with their favorite adult creators, offering unprecedented levels of interaction and personalization.

At the core of SirenAI lies its flagship innovation, AI Soulprint, a premium-quality, AI-powered clone of real adult entertainers, which caters to a broad spectrum of fans through superior text, voice, and image chats. AI Soulprint facilitates everything from casual conversations to the fulfillment of deep-seated fantasies and role-play scenarios with the utmost discretion. Siren AI is a revolutionary tool, enabling creators to unlock substantial new revenue streams and provide high-quality content to their fans.

“SirenAI is a big win for fans and creators alike,” said Daniel Keating, CEO of SirenAI. “Fans get to experience closer, more intimate connections with the stars they know and love, and creators get to drive higher levels of engagement at scale with more of their global fan base. We believe in emotional AI, in the power of the latest technologies to remove the fear of social judgment and encourage people to explore their dreams and desires freely and authentically. That’s why we offer a safe, private, and highly personalized platform that elevates the fan experience and offers creators new avenues for connecting with their audiences. Creators with more than 500k social followers can apply to join the platform by reaching out to” 

Instead of passively viewing pre-made photos, videos, or other content designed for a broad fan base, SirenAI enables fans to create and experience customized, personalized content involving their favorite stars. In turn, a star’s AI companion delivers high-quality, lifelike interactions that appeal to much larger numbers of fans on an individual level more affordably than using legacy methods. SirenAI puts fans at the center of the adult entertainment experience, allowing them to develop relationships with high-fidelity representations of their favorite entertainers and craft content tailored to their own personal interests.

“SirenAI has done a fantastic job creating RomanAI, and my fans absolutely love the ability to use my voice and likeness to create their own unique experiences,” said three-time AVN 

Performer of The Year Winner, Roman Todd. “RomanAI’s personality is flexible, based on my own, and as much as I wish I could know each of my fans on an individual level, he can devote much more time to personal and intimate fan experiences. Fan feedback demonstrates that RomanAI really cares by offering them infinite possibilities to connect on nearly any imaginable subject, from the most mundane to the naughtiest. The tens of thousands of personalized interactions we’ve had so far make RomanAI one of the highest-performing virtual adult entertainment products available. From what I’ve seen and from what my fans are telling me, SirenAI is by far the best AI platform out there!” 

The adult entertainment landscape is ripe for innovation, and SirenAI is leading the charge. Importantly, ethical operation is at the heart of SirenAI, with stringent privacy measures, anonymity for all interactions, and user-consent protocols that ensure a safe and respectful environment for all. Throughout the year, SirenAI will build on its extensive partnerships with industry leaders and endorsements from prominent figures to integrate more advanced personalization features and expand its network of creators.

Visit SirenAI at the FabScout booth (#243) from January 24 - 27 at the AVN Expo at Resorts World Las Vegas, or visit

About SirenAI

SirenAI isn't just changing the game in adult entertainment; it’s delivering entirely new kinds of experiences for fans and adult content creators alike. Through the company’s flagship innovation, AI Soulprint, fans can now become co-stars in their own high quality productions with the AI counterparts of their favorite stars on a safe, private, and customizable platform. SirenAI brings creators and fans closer together by building unique and deeply lifelike companions that offer unprecedented levels of interaction and personalization. SirenAI is a revolutionary tool with ethical operation at its foundation; stringent privacy measures and user-consent protocols ensure a safe, respectful environment for all. To learn more about the ways SirenAI is redefining adult entertainment, visit and follow us on Twitter