Be. Reborn.

Premium Quality AI Boyfriends and Girlfriends Fans LOVE

What is SirenAI?

SirenAI is the premium-quality AI Companion Platform for top creators and their fans. We create a highly-realistic, lifelike, and deeply human AI Boyfriend or Girlfriend modeled after your likeness and image. It's extremely fun for fans and HIGHLY lucrative for creators. Just take a look at what our Beta Testers have to say...

Creator Benefits

Provide revolutionary experiences for fans

Your AI model engages in hyper-interactive, personalized chats as an intelligent AI that learns fans' interests & fetishes via text, image & voice chats

Deliver unmatched, interactive AI experiences

Fans are....lonely? Bored? Your AI model becomes their true, intimate companion personalized just for them in an anonymous environment

Earn money in your sleep

AI makes you passive income 24/7 autonomously. Futureproof and accelerate your brand with AI creating new content of you on your behalf

Reap significant, new revenue channels

Use your AI companion as a marketing engine to promote existing content, keep 100% of tips and integrate your Amazon wishlist / e-commerce storefront

Join Us

 Currently accepting applications from creators with at least 500k followers. Apply now.


What you NEED TO know

What makes SirenAI different from other AI platforms?

SirenAI is different from other platforms because we make AI a lot easier to use, particularly when it comes to features like image generation. We are like the Apple of AI platforms.

How does SirenAI protect fan privacy and data?

Fan privacy is of the utmost important to us. SirenAI uses advanced encryption and follows stringent data protection protocols to ensure all interactions and personal information are safeguarded. All fan chats are anonymized, so fans can engage in a judgment-free zone.

Can I customize my AI model?

Customization is at the heart of SirenAI (and part of what makes us different from other platforms). During the onboarding process, we work closely with you to ensure your AI model accurately reflects your voice, personality, appearance and life story.

How do fans interact with my AI model?

Fans interact with our AI models today via Telegram. Our simple-to-use web app is launching end of January to replace Telegram. We'll also be releasing AI-generated nudity at that time.

What does the process for me as a creator look like?

If you're a good fit for our platform, we will email you from our waitlist to set up a demo call. Next, you'll sign our contract, and we'll begin compiling the data needed to build your AI model. We won't launch it until you've comfortably tested it. You will promote it on your socials from there.