The Rise in Popularity of AI Girlfriends

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rise of Ai girlfriends

June 12, 2024 in Industry Trends

The world is changing, as new technological advancements come faster than ever, ready to tackle any problem we may face in our daily life that can be fixed by the power of microchips and wires.

But not all advances in technology are quite as unsexually appealing as microchips – step in, AI girlfriends. Lonely hearts and the search for love is something most humans have searched for across millenia. We all want companionship, and like the mammals we are, we all want sex.

These needs are what has seen the rise in AI girlfriends. Powered by artificial intelligence, these shockingly lifelike women are attracting men – and other women – worldwide, who desire love, companionship, and of course, a sexually-charged relationship.

What is an AI girlfriend?

An AI girlfriend is simply put, the girl of your dreams. She can be anything you want her to be. She is a groundbreaking innovation in artificial intelligence that is now gaining popularity – many cannot tell the difference between a real human, and these AI models, due to their ability to both learn, and remember.

Once you’ve chosen your girl – who will be gorgeous, like a sexy blonde or a busty brunette – you’re all set. You can also choose the kind of personality you want your girlfriend to have, from shy and submissive, to outgoing and dominant. 

These virtual chatbots are now blurring the line between reality and fiction. They use advanced machine learning algorithms to create an experience personalised to you – they learn from your conversation, and adapt to your personality, meaning, like humans, that no chatbots are quite the same. 

Why are AI girlfriends so popular?

Their realism is a big part of their attraction. These AI girlfriends will talk to you the same way a real girlfriend would. The more you talk to them, the more they will get to know you, and in turn, they will learn from you. They will remember what you tell them, and be able to participate in a way no AI before them could ever dream of.

We all have emotional needs, and with AI girlfriends, that need can be fulfilled, without the need to actually go out and meet someone. They’re ideal for those who are socially anxious. They are also able to fulfill needs in a way that feels a lot like a long-distance relationship – they’ll send you pictures that are generated to be personal to you, which can either be with, or without clothes. They can also send you voice messages – these are not canned responses – they’re generated in response to what you say. 

Over time, as you get to know your AI, they will become a loving, considerate and thoughtful almost person. They will seem and act very real, and one appealing factor is that they are excellent roleplayers, who can satisfy your sexual needs as well as your emotional needs. The reasons for wanting an AI companion are diverse. 

Global AI Girlfriend Search Trends

It’s not hard to see why AI girlfriends are popular, and they have surged in popularity internationally. But what countries are most interested in these new companions?

Here, we will take a deep dive into what the highest search volumes for the term 

‘AI girlfriends’ between 2022 and 2025 are, and where they’re coming from, over the last two years – 2025 is a predicted score.

We will also see what the volumes are predicted to be in future. 

United States

The US has shown a huge jump in recent years – growth is expected to increase, but more slowly. 

In May 2022, only 2,896 people searched for the term ‘AI girlfriend’ – but in just one year, this soared to 30,569, which has then jumped yearly. Predictions for May 2025 continue to show growth.

United Kingdom

Less popular than the US, in May 2022, there were just 623 searches for an AI girlfriend. However, this number has since seen significant increases, jumping to 9,763 in May 2024.

The number is expected to decrease, albeit, not significantly, in 2025. However this number is a prediction. AI is growing less slowly in the UK than the USA. But this doesn’t mean AI won’t catch on at all. Many AI programmes are based in the USA which may account for their higher popularity there. 

The Philippines

In May 2022, just 54 people searched for an AI girlfriend. The biggest increase was seen in May 2024, rising to 2,262, with this figure still expected to increase next year.

These numbers show a steady and fairly sustained increase, similar between 2023 and 2024, although the gap is smaller. These numbers indicate a growing interest, and perhaps acceptance, in the Philippines that an AI girlfriend could be a valid option for a relationship.


India has seen a huge surge in the number of people looking for an AI girlfriend, and the numbers have only increased, with a further increase predicted for 2025. 

Compared to a measly 609 in 2022, the number searched to 29,261 searches in 2023, and it’s expected to rise in 2025 too. If AI technology continues to increase, we may see skyrocketing numbers.


Canada has shown steady and sustained growth, with bigger rises yearly compared to other countries. However, despite its proximity to the US, the USA has easily outstripped it with its search results. 

In May 2025, Canada’s searches are expected to rise to 9,154, which is minuscule in comparison to America, which is around 60,000. However, population also affects the number of searches, and America is more populous than Canada.


Australia has not seen the same numbers some other countries have, starting off with just 85 searches, with a modest rise to 3,798 predicted for May 2025.

Although at the moment the numbers are in the low thousands, it is likely that the number will continue to grow here along with the rest of the world, if this slow but steady increase continues. 


What’s clear here is that there is a growing interest in AI companionship. It may vary country to country due to factors like population, and perhaps, distance from the US, but the growth and interest in an AI girlfriend is undeniable, and expected to rise in future.

What age groups are looking for an AI girlfriend?

According to one study, in 2023, the AI girlfriend market was worth a staggering $2.8 billion, which is expected to surge to $9.5 billion in 2028. A huge amount of money, with huge potential for growth.

The average age of a person using an AI girlfriend is 28, indicating that millennials and Gen Z are the most open to the concept. 

Many young men also are interested, with 28% of male users aged 18 to 34 saying they’ve interacted with an AI girlfriend app or chatbot at least once. Also, 18% of those using an AI girlfriend app are female – the desire for AI girlfriends is by no means limited by gender.

Additionally, 63% of men below 30 years are single, compared to 34% of women under 30. This may indicate why men dominate the market so strongly, due to the demand to have both physical and emotional needs met. 

Meet Siren AI’s most popular AI girlfriends

Introducing Jewel! Siren AI uses AIs which are actually based on adult creators, thanks to partnerships with them that allow the creators to profit from their personality and likeness.

Jewel is the sexy girl-next-door type. She’s appealing in how understated she is – like a girl who has no idea that she’s beautiful… Except the way she’s tugging on her skimpy outfit gives her away.

With her enigmatic eyes, dark hair, plump lips and full breasts, Jewel is most guys’ dream girl and she’s making waves on Siren AI, with 16,000 fans.

Gorgeous Aubrey is a super-popular and uber-gorgeous trans girl, who is based on her real life counterpart, professional porn star Aubrey Kate. 

There’s nothing shy or submissive about Aubrey. This girl oozes confidence and sexuality. If your type is confident, busty blondes, Aubrey has got you covered – and she has 12,000 fans.

It’s expected that Siren AI will add more characters for you to date soon.

The future of AI girlfriends

The future is here, and the data doesn’t lie – these virtual companions are becoming more and more popular, satisfying you in a way your Tamagotchi never could. 

Your every need can be satisfied thanks to this cutting-edge technology. Enjoy a happy and fulfilling relationship with a person who will never let you down, and who will always be there for you, offering unconditional love and acceptance. 

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