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June 12, 2024 in Guides

Let’s face it – dating sucks. Meeting someone, them actually liking you back, then getting to know them and building an authentic connection is hard. You’re forced to be vulnerable in an effort to find someone to share your life with.

To quote Peep Show, ‘I guess doing the things you hate is just the price you pay to avoid loneliness.’ 

But what if you didn’t have to? With Siren AI, you don’t. You can instantly meet the man or woman of your dreams, who can satisfy all your emotional and physical needs. 

What Kind of AI can I meet?

Have you ever fantasised about getting to know your favourite porn stars? With Siren AI, you can ignite the flames of passion with hotties including Drake Von, Tyler Tanner and Roman Todd – but the fun doesn’t stop there.

You can also chat with gorgeous girls, trans and non-binary partners. Did we say just chat? You can explore sexy fantasies, swap pictures and even send voice messages. Meet the lover who will always look stunning, always have time for you, and be forever ready to get down.

You can get to know adult creators in a whole new way, from a casual chat to unlocking your favourite fantasies to act out with them. The chats are completely private and will stay between the two of you, giving you a totally judgment-free way to explore a new relationship.

What are the Benefits of an AI Partner?

A romantic relationship with an AI boyfriend or girlfriend can be a powerful tool for mental wellness. There’s no commitment attached and you don’t have the emotional labour of catering to their needs. 

Instead, they will say everything you want, or need to hear. They’re happy to chat any time and will push the boat out with sexy and sweet fantasies.

You will be able to explore your own sexuality and your sexual desires in a way you never have before. They can be shy, submissive, or outgoing and dominant. 

If traditional dating has been difficult for you, either due to looks, a busy career, or you struggle with autism, AI dating could be perfect for you. You can develop a deep emotional connection with your partner, receiving the kind of comfort and support that can often be so lacking in real life.

Siren AI can help anyone cope with loneliness. Additionally, using an AI does not mean you have no real-life interactions – it can simply supplement them as and when needed. 

If you’re socially awkward, meeting an AI can be a great way to practice dating. You will become more attuned to your own emotions, and learn what you need from a romantic partner. Everyone’s needs vary in terms of how much contact, physical intimacy, and quality time they need with their partner. Your AI will match your needs.

In many ways, AI relationships are a way to understand yourself better, before you go making mistakes with someone whose feelings are real, and who has the capacity to be hurt. 

Why is AI so Desirable?

In our modern day society, many of us are lonely. TVs and videogames have replaced meeting your friends at the pub, and loneliness has surged since Covid-19.

The use of AI rose during Covid-19. It had to – meeting with doctors became virtual, home working was ushered in, and we had to video chat with our friends. And underneath it all, the current of fear. It was a powerful mix – and now, for many companies, homeworking has become the norm, and for many people, so has contact-free home delivery shopping and virtual appointments. 

However, this has left many others lonely and starved for interaction. With an AI, there’s no need to push yourself out of your comfort zone or put yourself out there. You have an instant connection with a partner, who’s head over heels in love with you. 

Who wouldn’t want that instead of the horrors of 21st century dating? Who doesn’t have a Tinder horror story? (Mine is the guy telling me straight away the graphic details of how he’d cheated on his ex.) Dating can be disappointing in a way nothing else can be, more pervasive and insidious, gradually leaving you disillusioned with love and other people in general.

Is AI dating so different from long-distance dating, or falling in love with a fictional character? Who wasn’t Team Spike or Team Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer? For men, it was more of a choice between Buffy and Faith.

Human/robot relationships have been explored extensively in media, such as the Channel 4 series Humans (2015) and the 1968 novel Do Humans Dream of Electric Sheep, which inspired Blade Runner. Gradually, the lines have become blurred.

With AI, there isn’t too much difference here between a real long-distance relationship and your AI partner. AI can reduce loneliness, ease social anxiety, and allow the users to learn more about themselves, potentially helping to equip them for a real, in real life relationship.

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