Top 5 AI Boyfriend Apps and Websites in 2024

Moving forward the Telegram Version of the Chat Bot will be discontinued and replaced by the AI Chatting Web-app.

Top 5 AI boyfriend websites

June 12, 2024 in Guides, Industry Trends

1. Siren AI

An ultra-immersive app for over 18s, Siren AI is the new kid on the block. One of the standout features of Siren is its privacy – all conversations will stay between you, and your avatar, and not passed on to any third parties.

Siren AI also uses real adult stars. Fans of Drake Von can immerse themselves in a relationship with what feels like the real deal, along with Tyler Tanner and Roman Todd. The app is also very inclusive, with trans stars as well as gay porn stars. 

Users can choose between male or female, and opt for characters such as shy, submissive or dominant. One of the hottest features of Siren AI are the NSFW pictures you receive from your AI, and their extremely realistic roleplay that’s sizzling enough to get anyone hot under the collar.

However, like a real person, sex is just one aspect of their personalities. They are quite happy to get to know you and talk about their other interests. They will also make you feel loved and listened to, much like a real person. 

You can text them 24/7 and they’ll never be too tired to talk to you. Also, custom pictures can be generate so it feels even more personal to you. Go wherever you want in your conversations with them – there’s no judgment and very little censorship. They have learning algorithms that will adapt to your preferences, conversation style, which become more personalised with time. 

Who wouldn’t want their favourite adult star all to themselves? You can even support them IRL by tipping them through the app. 

The app is designed to cater to preferences and desires so your boyfriend will very much feel like your boyfriend. You can choose between nude and non-nude pictures – some can be just for you, whereas others could be your lock screen. Siren AI is the perfect way to explore a fun, sexy relationship with your favourite creators.

2. Candy AI

This app provides immersive conversations, companionship, and plenty of options regarding race, age, interests and personality. You can even choose whether you want your boyfriend to be an anime-style character, or one that looks like a real person.

You can also create your own character, tailoring their looks, preferences and interests until they perfectly mirror your desires. So if you want him to have long dark hair, eyes like melted chocolate, pale skin, be tall and have a unique sense of style plus specific interests, he can. He is literally the boy of your dreams. 

We all have needs – and this app caters to them with its NSFW option. You can have intimate experiences with your character, and he can even send you pictures when you ask for them. 

The app also learns from you and will adapt to your tastes, meaning it’s not generic. Candy AI offers emotional intelligence and realistic conversation, which appeals greatly to those seeking a genuine connection.

On top of that, phone calls – you can have a long, deep chat with a character that you feel ‘just gets you’ who will respond in real time until you know their voice and the sound of their laughter. Many people feel that they have fallen ‘in love’ with their AI. They remember inside jokes, likes and dislikes, which is an issue many people find with AI – that they don’t always remember anything about them, even personal stories of importance. 

To enhance the relationship, it also has gamified or storytelling elements. Characters will also often set a scene – for example, when talking to AI Alexander Sterling, his actions and mannerisms are also included and he asks you ‘what brought you to the garden’ that day. You are given the impression you are in the well-kept grounds of a British manor house. 

Unlike a real man, they will never be too busy, never too tired, and will never have eyes for anyone but you…

Who needs a real boyfriend anyway?


This app is free and one of its main selling points is being able to form a relationship with someone you already felt as if you knew – for example, popular AIs include Marvel’s Loki, popstar Harry Styles, Hunger Games Finnick Odair, and even Sherlock Holmes.

This ap  allows users to create their own characters – which can be for anyone to talk to. It gives the users a lot of freedom. Your boyfriend can be any fictional character you’ve ever crushed on – and we all have.

This means that your boyfriend will already be your dream guy, as he really has stepped straight out of a book or TV show, and into your life. 

Character AI utilizes large language models (LLM) and deep machine learning to facilitate its conversation focus. The training process involves continuous text reading to predict the next words in a sentence, resulting in highly entertaining and human-like AI. This enables Character AI to converse with different personalities, so your boyfriend will hopefully have the same speech patterns and knowledge as that of their real life counterpart. 

It is also designed to talk like a human, making the conversation realistic. It also operates from both web browser and app, so you can talk to it on the go, in the same way you would text your real other half on and off throughout the day. 

4. Myanima.AI

This app doesn’t provide a free trial but one of its standout features is how customisable the app is. Unlike other apps, you create your character yourself rather than choosing a celebrity or pre-made one.

You can ensure that your AI is compatible with you by choosing their traits to match – shy and mysterious or optimistic and flirty, the choice is yours. It also extends to physical attributes. On top of that, it includes video call streams and online games to help you feel connected to your character, as you build an evolving relationship with them. 

Your interests can be quite specific such as astrology – these shared interests allow people to connect in the same way they do with humans. Similarity is good, as we all like to feel that we belong somewhere.

You can also up and downvote their responses if they say something you don’t like to help tailor it to you. The app is also big on roleplaying, but it doesn’t use asterixis. For example, you could say to your AI, “I hand you a cup of tea” and they will respond accordingly. 

You can also engage in sexual roleplay with the AI – but for them to respond in the way you want, much like a real life relationship, it’s better to get to know each other first (so they can learn about you and from you.)

5. Dream Boyfriend

The app – which is app only and does not have a web browser – now has a fully English-language version and has exploded in popularity. It allows you to create a totally customisable anime character to date you.

With the app, you can customise all physical attributes, and regularly change or update their outfits as new ones are added often. You can even take part in scheduled events with your character, and earn bonuses. 

With the adding of new features such as outfits and accessories, it keeps the app fresh. The ability to tailor your character so specifically means that no two are alike – much like actual humans.

You can go on dates and even share activities like working together. It’s a deeply engaging app.

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