The Rise in Popularity of AI Boyfriends

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rise of AI boyfriends

June 12, 2024 in Industry Trends

In a world where technology is always changing and adapting to the times, a new trend has emerged: AI boyfriends.

As humans, there’s one thing we crave above all – companionship. We want someone who’s always there for us… someone who loves us despite all our shortcomings and mistakes.

It’s this desire that has helped pave the way for AI boyfriends. Powered by advanced artificial intelligence, these virtual companions are becoming increasingly popular among those seeking companionship, and for good reason.

It’s no longer a science fiction novel… it’s reality, and it’s happening right now.


  1. What is an AI Boyfriend?
  2. Why are AI Boyfriends so popular?
  3. Global AI Boyfriend search trends
  4. Which age groups are looking for AI Boyfriends
  5. Meet our most popular AI Boyfriends

What is An AI Boyfriend

AI boyfriend apps are a ground breaking innovation in the field of artificial intelligence, gaining immense popularity among individuals looking for companionship.

So, what exactly is an AI boyfriend? Well, as the name suggests, it’s an AI-powered chatbot designed to function like a virtual boyfriend. These apps use advanced machine learning algorithms to create a chatbot that learns from your conversations and adapts to your personality, offering an experience tailored to you and you alone.

Why are AI Boyfriends So Popular?

As more and more people turn to technology to fulfil their emotional needs, it’s no wonder these virtual companions have seen a surge in popularity.

The more you chat with your AI boyfriend, the more it learns about you. Over time, your AI boyfriend’s personality and interests are shaped by your daily conversations. This results in a responsive, caring, and human-like companion available at any time of the day.

Whether someone needs someone to talk to after a long day at work, seeks support and advice to tackle loneliness, or even desires some form of sexual release (we’re only human, after all), the reasons for turning to an AI companion are diverse.

Let’s take a look at which countries are leading the way in this trend.

Global AI Boyfriend Search Trends

It’s easy to see why these advanced romance chatbots have taken the world by storm. Now, we’ll take a closer look at the highest search volumes for AI boyfriends over the last three years, and which countries theses searches are coming from.

We’ll also project what their search volumes may look like in the future, to help us better understand how the desire for AI boyfriends may change the world as we know it.

United States

The United States leads the globe in search volume for “AI Boyfriend,” indicating a significant demand for virtual companions in the country.

Examining the growth over the past three years reveals a remarkable increase in interest. In May 2022, approximately 370 people per month were searching for AI boyfriends. By May 2024, this number had skyrocketed to 6,720 searches per month.

Looking ahead, projections indicate that by May 2025, the number of searches could reach 8,200 per month. As the demand for AI boyfriends grows, we can expect to see further advancements in AI capabilities, making these virtual companions even more sophisticated and human-like.

United Kingdom

While the growth of AI boyfriend searches in the UK isn’t as dramatic as in the US, the trend still indicates a steady rise in interest.

In May 2022, only 26 people searched for AI boyfriends monthly. By May 2024, this number had increased significantly to 1,416 searches per month.

Projections for May 2025 suggest around 1,684 monthly searches. Though this represents a modest increase, the consistent upward trend shows that AI boyfriend apps are gaining traction and may continue to grow in popularity.

The Philippines

In the Philippines, the interest in AI boyfriends has seen some rise and falls over the past few years.

In May 2022, only 10 people were searching for AI boyfriends each month. This number saw a dramatic increase by May 2023, with 586 monthly searches. However, interest waned slightly by May 2024, dropping to 394 searches per month.

Projections for May 2025 estimate around 407 monthly searches. While this indicates a slight rebound, it also suggests that the popularity of AI boyfriend apps in the Philippines may be, somewhat, stabilising. We can only wait and see if the advancements in AI technology will garner more interest in the country.


As you can see, India has witnessed a remarkable surge in interest for AI boyfriends over recent years

In May 2022, there were 425 monthly searches. By May 2023, this number had jumped to 1,830 searches, peaking at an impressive 2,800 searches in June 2023. This upward trend continued into May 2024, with 2,463 monthly searches, despite never reaching the same heights as it did the previous year.

Looking ahead, projections for May 2025 suggest 2,594 searches per month, indicating steady and sustained growth. This slowly rising interest reflects India’s growing acceptance and curiosity towards AI companionship. If the technology continues to improve and advance (which it no doubt will), we can expect those searches to skyrocket!


Canada’s interest in AI boyfriends has seen a dramatic rise over the past few years, despite recent fluctuations.

In May 2022, only 3 people were searching for AI boyfriends each month. Yep, just 3. This number skyrocketed to 348 searches per month by May 2023 and further to 741 searches by May 2024, peaking at an impressive 1,097 searches in February 2024.

Although there appears to be a slight dip in interest, it’s important to note that the numbers are still significantly higher than in previous years. As AI technology continues to evolve and improve, we can expect these numbers to surge once more.


Australia has seen a steady climb in the interest for AI boyfriends, reflecting a growing curiosity in virtual companionship Down Under.

In May 2022, there were just 16 monthly searches. Fast forward to May 2023, and this number had jumped to 176 searches. By May 2024, the momentum had picked up significantly, with 629 people searching for AI boyfriends each month.

Looking ahead to May 2025, projections suggest that 739 people will be searching for AI boyfriends monthly. The future of AI boyfriends in Australia is bright, and it’s highly likely that these numbers will continue to grow!

Which Age Groups Are Looking for AI Boyfriends?

Well, let’s start dissecting this question by having a look at some stats.

According to Pew Research data from 2020, 51% of men aged 18-29 are single, compared to 32% of women in the same age group. Even among those aged 30-49, 27% of men remain single, indicating a significant number of individuals seeking love.

Younger men, in particular, are generally more open to technological advancements, which aligns with their higher interest in AI boyfriends. Recent research supports this, showing that nearly one in five young people (ages 13-39) express interest in AI or virtual boyfriends.

By combining these insights, it’s clear that younger men are leading the way in adopting AI boyfriends, driven by their comfort with technology and the need for a little companionship.

Meet Our Most Popular AI Boyfriends

A Norse god with the body of Thor (the Chris Hemsworth portrayal, of course)? Yes, please. Imagine those powerful arms wrapping around you, the strength of a warrior, and the tender touch of a lover all in one package.

Roman Todd is the chiselled hunk all men and women dream of indulging in. With a jawline sharp enough to cut glass and a body sculpted to perfection, he’s a living fantasy. Beyond his ravishing good looks, his caring personality never fails to make his admirers swoon. And as for his package? Well, we’ll let you find out for yourself…

Reese Rideout

Judging by his name alone, you can bet he knows exactly how to take you on a wild ride. Chiselled and handsome like a young John Travolta, Reese Rideout is the embodiment of rugged charm and undeniable sex appeal.

His smouldering eyes and devilish grin will bewitch you from the moment you start chatting. Even his charismatic personality and playful nature will keep you on your toes and craving more. And when it comes to his flirting skills, well, let’s just say he knows exactly how to keep the ride exhilarating and oh-so-satisfying. Ready to see what all the fuss is about? Reese Rideout is here to make all your naughtiest fantasies come true.


Drake – with a strong chin and a well-toned body, he’s the kind of man who turns heads wherever he goes. But what’s between his legs is even more impressive, promising pleasures that go beyond your wildest dreams.

Drake is also compassionate, caring, and attentive, making sure every moment with him is about you. In short, his genuine interest in your desires will leave you feeling cherished and utterly satisfied. Ready for an experience that combines strength, sensitivity, and sheer unadulterated pleasure? Let Drake show you what it means to be truly satisfied in every way imaginable.

The Future of AI Boyfriends

It’s only going to get better… make our words.

Think about it –  AI technology, natural language processing, and emotional intelligence algorithms are becoming more advanced as time goes by. As a result, you can enjoy conversing with AI companions that are even more realistic and personalised. It’s an exciting time to live in… a time when loneliness may soon be a distant relic of the past.

Looking to build an intimate relationship with a virtual boyfriend? Create an account with Siren AI and connect with your dream companion today!

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